"Every blues musician wants to be "one of the chosen" blessed with a great ear, technique, voice, repertoire and soul. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it has happened to Shari Kane and Dave Steele. There are no wrong notes - they both have a deep understanding of true blues tradition and what to say and play to take the music into the next century. Their give and take, interplay and harmony are instinctive. Their songwriting and story-telling skills set them apart from run-of-the mill blues cover bands. They are two of Ann Arbor's finest. Their new CD "Four Hands Blues" will establish them as two of the world's finest blues musicians."

- Linda Yohn, Program Director, WEMU

"Those two guitarists - man and wife - are playing in the 21st Century but their minds are certainly in the 1920's and 1930's with a strong influence of the duets recorded by Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang or the early Piedmont blues stylists. Everything is very tasty with wonderful guitars interplay and excellent vocals, male and female."

- Amazon.com

Dreams really do come true! Sometimes you just have to wait twenty years for them!

-Sue Wagers Farzalo, longtime friend and fan.